HACC Esports Season Wrap Up

HACC Esports Season Wrap Up

The first season of the HACC E Sports program had a hectic start with a short period to put together the teams and get them registered for league play. Nevertheless, with the help of AD Lisa Cleveland and Coach Neftali Perez, HACC Esports was successful in forming the 4 team games for Overwatch, R6 Siege, Rocket League and Call of Duty.  Coach Perez says some favorite moments of the season were when the students took on getting practices together and getting their own VOD reviews (reviewing games that have been streamed and looking for ways to improve).  “It made me see just how much the students were enjoying having the program and being part of the league.” 

Coach Perez also gave some of his favorite parts of the season: 
“For the Overwatch team, their match against the BMCC Panthers was a stand out.  Although we lost, it was such a close and exciting match.  The Overwatch team, being the biggest underdogs of the bunch, came out that day with maximum effort and brought such an edge of your seat match that it even had our guest Overwatch caster Corbec almost losing his voice. The comradery that the R6 Team had was something I always looked forward to every practice.  Their practices were always riddled with laughter, but at the same time, they were extremely prolific with their VOD reviews and learning the call outs on the maps.  Rocket League started off shaky but their fighting spirit brought it back around mid-season and they almost made the play offs.  The self-made CoD team was also another team I enjoyed practices with because their spirits were never low, even in difficult matches and laughter was not something we were short on.” - Coach Perez

 Overall, Coach Perez was proud of the teams and had two teams make the playoffs in the inaugural season for HACC Esports. “This definitely set a bar for us to achieve and pass for the upcoming seasons.” As far as next season, Coach Perez is looking to improve the current teams HACC has and hoping to add a Valorant team to the program.

Here are some quotes from HACC's Esports team members: 

Joshua “Verrin” Paukovits: I enjoyed playing this past semester, it really helped me feel like a part of the college. I feel like a lot of students are missing out because of Covid, but it does help make new connections and friends.

Jacob “Ayyitsjonesy” Jones: I loved it! Meeting the coach and the team was a blast.  Everyone was friendly/welcoming and I’m super excited to be a part of the fall season.

Derian “Slayer” Cox:  The e-sports program allowed me to be able to play games I love at a higher level. Overall the coaches, teammates and other players  were a joy to spend the season with this season.  Not only is there a place for students who want to compete at a collegiate level, but also a space for students to enjoy playing games with one another.

Gary “Extromity” Lily: Well, it was nice being a part of a team where I felt like we all tried our best to improve and work together, especially later into the season when we got to see the results of our work paying off.  For next season, I’m looking forward to hopefully improving even further with the team and being able to try out new comps to see which one works for us.