Who is Eligible?

HACC requires you to meet certain criteria in order to participate in athletics. Learn about eligibility requirements.

Am I eligible to play?

You are eligible to play if you are a:

  • First-year student carrying at least 12 credit hours
  • Transfer student carrying at least 12 credit hours. You must meet the GPA requirement. HACC bases the GPA requirement on the number of credit hours completed.

You must meet a different credit hour and GPA requirement if you are a current student.

Each eligibility case is different. Contact Lisa Cleveland at 717-780-1923 for specific information.


How does participating affect my class schedule?

HACC asks athletes to schedule all classes before 3 p.m.


How many seasons can I participate in?

HACC allows you to participate for two seasons in any sport. If you have participated at another college for one season, you may still play an additional season in the EPCC. You must meet academic eligibility requirements.


Can I get athletic-based financial aid?

HACC does not offer athletic-based financial aid.